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Coloring the Horizon

Hi All,

Figured I should start somewhere with this.  Have a back log of things I want to talk about that I’ve discovered during the development of my two Windows Phone 7 (WP7) games.  But I can sort through those slowly.  For now, I can talk about current things.  I love colors, so I figured I’d just start with a quick and dirty list of the different theme accent colors:

Blue        FF1BA1E2
Brown        FFA05000
Green        FF339933
Lime        FF8CBF26
Magenta        FFFF0097
Orange        FFF09609
Pink        FFE671B8
Purple        FFA200FF
Red        FFE51400
Teal FF00ABA9

Now, you shouldn’t be using these directly as there’s a resource for the currently active one: {StaticResource PhoneAccentColor}, but if you wanted to use a palette in your game that used the other theme colors for potential flavor; they’re not really listed anywhere that I found.

Anyway, I’m doing some experiments in multi-touch.  So, I’ll post a bit more about doing some stuff with that later.

And for the curious both The Eye and Suitor 2 were made for Silverlight using Blend 4 and VS2010 and are both ready in the Marketplace for the US launch!  Find out more about the games themselves in the Marketplace or at



Suitor 2

Suitor 2

Sequel to the award-winning 2009 puzzle game Suitor. Suitor is an addictively challenging strategic puzzle game with endless possibilities.

Building on its predecessor, Suitor 2 has:

  • all new graphics
  • improved touch screen controls
  • a more in-depth step-by-step interactive tutorial
  • 2 new difficulty levels ( for a total of 8 )
  • colorblind friendly features still
  • an all new global challenge mode

Can you take on the gauntlet of puzzles and compete?  With such a deep set of puzzle possibilities it’s easy to hop on board for some quick fun brain flexing on the go…

Zune Marketplace Link

HD Introduction


The Eye

The Eye
The Eye is a devious mathematical brainteaser puzzle. While the premise of unifying the colors is simple, you’ll have to get the sequence right in order to do it. Can you challenge yourself to unlock its secrets and discover what “The Order” is?

Zune Marketplace Link