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Archive for June, 2012


Ships in Space

Over the course of the past couple of months, I helped out at my local high school and my fellow teaching friend in a project for his AP Computer Science class. We had students create autonomous robots which had to navigate a space simulation and collect Baubles while avoiding obstacles. It’s important to note that students wrote the logic for the ships and were completely hands-off for the duration of the tournament.

The video clip shows a round from our final tournament. The server was written using Python and PyGame.


Impossible Figures

Impossible Figure Creator

Well, it’s been a while since posting any news.  I’ll have an entry about that later.

Good news is amongst teaching and taking classes, some things get done.  Of course it helps when part of that is because it’s a project for class.  As in this case, the Impossible Figure Creator was born.

It’s the final project in my Visual Communication class which wraps up my graduate certificate in User Centered Design.

Try it out, create a masterpiece and save it for the world to see.