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Archive for February, 2013


[Preview] The Gauntlet – Minecraft Skill Challenge

This is an older Minecraft project of mine from over a year or so ago. Figured it was about time to post some more info about it. Enjoy the video!

The Gauntlet is basically a series of tasks which two players can perform in parallel (spectators can watch from above as well). The idea is that it never ends, you can just continually add to it as your challengers become successful. Each challenge gets more difficult as the race progresses. The last player ‘standing’ wins. What makes this a little different from other Gauntlet’s we’ve seen is that each combatant has a mirrored track and can occasionally see one another without interference while spectators can watch the action from above.

Once the 1.5 Minecraft update comes out, I’ll look at making sure it’s compatible and adding some Command Blocks to make it a little cleaner before posting. Probably expect some more videos in the meantime before a posting of the server files in April.


Road Construction Down

The Game Crafter recently updated their site and we haven’t updated to their new template yet. Thus, Road Construction was automatically unpublished.

Have no fear though! A new edition of Road Construction with an improved box will be on it’s way. Look for it in late April along with more info about our next ‘Board Game’ project. You’ll know a bit about it already if you follow our Twitter feed.


Open Source WPF Chess Example Coming Soon


I worked on this Chess program for another project. I had started by looking at numerous available chess programs written in C# and using WPF, but alas did not find anything I felt was up to par as a basis for what I needed. They either made the chess/UI logic really complicated or had it tightly integrated or didn’t use WPF strengths.

So, I put this project together to use proper WPF data separation techniques through data binding and templates as well as using a MEF back-end to give me some flexibility with the piece creation (my project used this a bit more intensively, but I wanted to simplify the example that I release for demonstration). It just cuts to the chase.

I’m just adding some more comments and cleaning up the code a bit and hope to have it posted by the end of the month.