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Battle Box: Online!

The original intent for Battle Box was to be a cloud based game you could play against other people (at random). That dream is now a reality.

You can play Battle Box Online here!

I have a bit of clean-up for mobile browser fitting and hooking up the two versions so you can switch between them on the title screen, but other than that, it’s done! Enjoy!

Note: Due to restrictions on the Parse framework, Battle Box online won’t work in IE, try playing in FireFox, Chrome, or Safari. Thanks!


Mikeware Enters ‘Battle Box’ into Ludum Dare #26

For those of you who may not know, Ludum Dare is a 48 Hour game making competition. A game must be made from start-to-finish in the 48 hour period. Entries are then played and voted on by the other participants in the three weeks following.

Originally, I wasn’t going to enter, but had a brainstorm for a simple game yesterday morning. That turned into the ‘Battle Box’.

You can see my Ludum Dare posts and entry here.

You can play Battle Box here.

There’s still some more work on it to come, but the two-player hot-seat version was ready to go, so seemed like a good announcement.

Update 4/30: Online version is now live.