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Trials and Tribulations in Creating a Complex Two-Tiered Leveling System

I must say when I set out to do this task, I figured it wouldn’t take me a few days of thinking to figure out. What was I trying to do? Something seemingly simple, a blend of mathematics for the leveling system in my new game…

Aside: Now, I used to love math when I was a kid. I was good at it, it made sense, and it let you do a lot of cool stuff. I still realize its importance, but university pretty much killed my love for math by making me memorize formulas I knew how to use to take tests… And if you don’t know already, my memory is like a sieve…

Anyway, the world of video games usually involves a lot of these calculations, and I’ll laboriously call back my skills and try and figure things out. Usually this is difficult late at night after working all day, so it’ll usually take me a couple of days on and off thinking about the problem in different ways to solve it. This is just another one of those stories…

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Iterating and Removing Items from a List

I’ve been working on a game this weekend. (I think this is the first time I’ll publicly announce something ahead of time! It’s been going really well, and I think I’ll be able to post a couple of articles about development while I’m at it.)

So, when I start a new game, I need to clean-up my display and remove all the objects on it. This usually calls for the "let’s iterate through the list and remove the items" (as I need to do many steps for each thing I remove). However, this also applies in cases where you just want to check the item (such as for a collision detection) and remove it conditionally.

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