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Space Battle Arena v1.0.1


King of the Bubble

Just over 3 years ago Space Battle Arena was born.  What started as a crazy idea being built on-the-fly has turned into a whole platform for a series of Programming Games.  It has come a long way over the past year especially, and we are proud to be in a state where we can publish stable builds.

Space Battle Arena has its own website now (available here).  It is the main resource for all materials related to Space Battle including the latest client and server builds, client java docs, student and teacher resources, as well as information about developing for Space Battle.

The project has also now been open sourced on GitHub and will continue to be updated.  If you run into any issues or have suggestions, please file Issues for Space Battle there.  Note: that the main development cycle for Space Battle is between April – June.

In the meantime v1.1 a.k.a. the “Discovery Quest” update is already in the works for ‘Season 4’ at Issaquah High School this year.  For the most up-to-date news, follow us on Twitter @MikewareXGR.


Open Source WPF Chess Example Coming Soon


I worked on this Chess program for another project. I had started by looking at numerous available chess programs written in C# and using WPF, but alas did not find anything I felt was up to par as a basis for what I needed. They either made the chess/UI logic really complicated or had it tightly integrated or didn’t use WPF strengths.

So, I put this project together to use proper WPF data separation techniques through data binding and templates as well as using a MEF back-end to give me some flexibility with the piece creation (my project used this a bit more intensively, but I wanted to simplify the example that I release for demonstration). It just cuts to the chase.

I’m just adding some more comments and cleaning up the code a bit and hope to have it posted by the end of the month.