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[Let’s Play] Gamius Type IV

Check out the Let’s Play video of Gamius Type IV we found:

We want to thank SnoodLounge for making their great Let’s Play video of our game!


[Release] Gamius Type IV (v2) ships on OUYA

Mikeware is happy to announce that “Gamius Type IV” will launch exclusively on the OUYA as it ships this coming weekend. The ONLYOUYA game will be available, in full, for free during the launch period.

Gamius Type IV (v2)

Gamius Type IV is a unique, retro styled, truly one button/one switch shmup (no analog sticks here). It is primarily meant as a multiplayer game and includes both co-op and asymmetric play. Players must navigate their ship using only the single button to avoid terrain and enemies as they try accumulate the highest score. Those of you familiar with Mikeware previously, may remember the Gamius Type IV prototype (available in our old project section). The game has been significantly revamped with bug fixes and added features for the OUYA.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term or genre of ‘Shmup’, then checkout Gamasutra’s or Racketboy’s great articles on their history and evolution.

Gamius Type IV was developed in C# using XNA and ported to OUYA using the Xamarin tools and MonoGame. Want to thank ‘slygamer’ from the MonoGame team for his quick replies and assistance in using the framework on Android.


Mikeware backs OUYA Console

Mikeware backs the OUYA game console as an Elite Developer. Look for original Mikeware games on the console in March 2013!