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[HD Intros] Suitor 2 for WP7

Find out more about Suitor 2 in this lovely HD video also showcasing the fabulous Samsung Focus.


Suitor 2

Suitor 2

Sequel to the award-winning 2009 puzzle game Suitor. Suitor is an addictively challenging strategic puzzle game with endless possibilities.

Building on its predecessor, Suitor 2 has:

  • all new graphics
  • improved touch screen controls
  • a more in-depth step-by-step interactive tutorial
  • 2 new difficulty levels ( for a total of 8 )
  • colorblind friendly features still
  • an all new global challenge mode

Can you take on the gauntlet of puzzles and compete?  With such a deep set of puzzle possibilities it’s easy to hop on board for some quick fun brain flexing on the go…

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HD Introduction