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Coloring the Horizon

Hi All,

Figured I should start somewhere with this.  Have a back log of things I want to talk about that I’ve discovered during the development of my two Windows Phone 7 (WP7) games.  But I can sort through those slowly.  For now, I can talk about current things.  I love colors, so I figured I’d just start with a quick and dirty list of the different theme accent colors:

Blue        FF1BA1E2
Brown        FFA05000
Green        FF339933
Lime        FF8CBF26
Magenta        FFFF0097
Orange        FFF09609
Pink        FFE671B8
Purple        FFA200FF
Red        FFE51400
Teal FF00ABA9

Now, you shouldn’t be using these directly as there’s a resource for the currently active one: {StaticResource PhoneAccentColor}, but if you wanted to use a palette in your game that used the other theme colors for potential flavor; they’re not really listed anywhere that I found.

Anyway, I’m doing some experiments in multi-touch.  So, I’ll post a bit more about doing some stuff with that later.

And for the curious both The Eye and Suitor 2 were made for Silverlight using Blend 4 and VS2010 and are both ready in the Marketplace for the US launch!  Find out more about the games themselves in the Marketplace or at